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Kevin Cole
Director of Transportation
608-339-3213 x 1004

2018/2019 Bus Information

Kobussen is seeking Bus Drivers!

Kobussen Buses is currently hiring Route Drivers.
Route pay starts at $14.50/hour.  Kobussen provides training for qualified applicants.


  • 21 years old or older with a good driving record and clear criminal record.  A criminal background check is required.
  • Must be flexible and dependable and work well with school age children and the motoring public.

Please visit our office at 477 N. Pierce Street in Adams to fill out an application.  If you have questions, please contact Rick Wellnitz at (608) 339-2411 or via e-mail at

School Bus Policy and Procedures


Kobussen Buses Ltd.



1) There are only two (2) addresses allowed per household that a student can be dropped at, a primary address and a secondary address. To be dropped at the secondary address the parent/guardian must contact Kobussen bus in advance of the daily bus loading.


2) Elementary students cannot be dropped off at their primary drop off location if no visible determination is made by the driver that anyone is home unless we have written permission to do so. The student will be returned to a designated location set by the school district.


3)In-Town loops for 4K and 5K students need to have someone at the stop off point to take them home or those students will be returned to a designated location set by the school district.


4) If your child will not be riding please call the Kobussen Bus office at 608-339-2411 and leave a message or the office is staffed from 0500am-0500pm mon-fri. Leave students name, address and bus number if possible. Not riding for 3 straight days will result in bus service being suspended until you notify the Kobussen Bus office.


5) If your child requires a car seat on the Bus it is the parents/guardian's responsibility to come on the Bus while loading in the morning and secure them in the seat, not the Bus Drivers.


6) No food or drink on the Bus and your child is expected to keep their area clean and not throw garbage on the floor, the Bus has trash cans on them.


7) Any issues that occur during the year concerning your Bus Driver or issue you want to address please feel free to contact me during business hours and i will be happy to speak with you.


8) Kobussen Bus Contacts:


    Rick Wellnitz  Terminal Manager      0700am-0500pm during school Days

    Steve Kotlowski  Dispatcher              0900am-0500pm during school days

    Pam Kaehn      Dispatcher                  0530am-0300pm during school days


    All can be reached at 608-339-2411  and Terminal manager can also be reached

                                                                       at 608-339-3213 ext. 1005



Student Discipline


While on the school bus, students are under the supervision of the School Bus Driver. The driver has the same authority on the bus that a teacher has in the classroom. Although a school bus driver has a different situation that a teacher has, the bus driver must follow procedures when dealing with an unruly student.


The following are guidelines from the NEOLA Policy for (School District). Keeping parents informed about these guidelines will be a key to helping you as a bus driver in your day to day operations.


       Parents, School Bus Transportation is a privilege and not a right. The bus driver is the sole authority on the bus while students are being transported.

       Parents are also to be informed that they are responsible for:

       The safety of their child while going to or from the bus stop and while the student is at the bus stop.

       Their child being at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.

       Damage by their child to school buses, personal property, or public.

       Students are to conduct themselves in a proper manner at bus stops.

       Students will ride only assigned school buses and will board and depart from the bus at assigned bus stops. Student will not be permitted to ride unassigned buses for any reason other than an emergency, except as approved by the principal. (A student will need a temporary bus pass as assigned by the principal.)

       For the safe operation of the bus, noise on buses shall be kept to a minimum with students speaking in reasonable conversation voices. Students must be quiet at railroad crossings and other danger zones as designated by the bus driver.

       The following cargo is forbidden to be transported on a school bus:


       Alcoholic Beverages





       Any dangerous materials or objects


Stopping Unacceptable Behavior: It is the District’s intent to stop unacceptable behavior by using the minimum physical intervention necessary.


When necessary, a staff member may use reasonable physical intervention to stop an action that presents the risk of harm to the student, to others, or to property. This may include use of physical intervention to stop the action but would not extend to gross abuse and disregard for the health and safety of the student. Use of physical intervention should at all times be temperate and not excessive.


Quelling a Disturbance: If, during a bus trip, any students become unruly or two (2) or more students become involved in a fight or create a disturbance, the driver should proceed as follows:

                                                         Stop the bus and command the students to stop the disturbance and sit properly in their seats.

                                                         Do not attempt to use physical force to quell the disturbance or dispossess students of any weapon or threatening object unless assured that such action is likely to be successful and not endanger the other students or the driver.

                                                         If the students do not obey, drive the bus to a safe area while notifying the Transportation Office of the disturbance and request assistance.

                                                         If the disturbance is or may be jeopardizing to the safety and well being of the other students, evacuate all uninvolved students from the bus using the standard evacuation procedure.

                                                         Do not, under any circumstances, discharge an unruly student from the bus other than at his/her regular bus stop, a law enforcement agency, or a District School, and only then, if an official at that location takes custody of the student(s).

                                                         Make a full report of the disturbance to the Director of Transportation upon the completion of the trip. If the Director is not available, make a full report to a Transportation Office Staff member.



Following the School Bus Conduct Report procedures will also be a key to keeping a safe and controlled atmosphere on your bus. Documentation, parent contact, and communication within the Transportation Office are all vital in running a smooth and successful bus route.


Bus Report Procedure


An important part of being a bus driver is student management. When students misbehave, safety is in jeopardy because the bus driver is distracted from their driving responsibilities. The following steps must be taken for each student involved in this situation. The driver must keep a file to document each incident and have the documentation readily available for future reference. Keeping accurate and updated files is important for the safety of the bus, and communication to parents and administration. No step is valid until the driver contacts the parent(s) to notify them of the situation at hand.


Step One: If a student is appearing to become a problem, the bus driver should speak with the student. Be firm with the student, and follow up the conversation with a phone call to the parent/guardian of the student. This follow up must be completed within 24-36 hours of the incident. The conversation with the parent will send a message to the student that there is, in fact, a problem. A major situation may be diverted simply by making the parent aware of a potential problem.


Step Two: When a student does not adhere to the bus drivers’ rules, another conversation with the student must take place. If a driver elects, an assigned seat may be implemented. Again, the driver must contact the parent/guardian by telephone to inform them of the issue and any steps taken to discipline the student; document the issue and make a follow up call.


Step Three: A conduct report will now be issued to the student. This report will have all documentation of steps one and two included. The parent will be contacted by a phone call from the driver. The driver will explain to the parent the issues they have been experiencing, and inform the parent that the next incident may result in a two day suspension from the bus.  The report will be sent to the parent/guardian, and must be signed and returned to the office within one week of the parents receiving the report.


Step Four: Steps one through three have been completed. At the discretion of the Kobussen Terminal Manager, a two day suspension may occur. The parent/guardian must be notified and arrangements for suspension dates must set.


Step Five: A meeting will be set up with the Terminal Manager, parent/guardian, Director of Transportation and/or Building Principal. A discussion will take place regarding the situation and resolution.


Other: Severe Safety Violation may include the following: Possession of a dangerous weapon, illegal drugs, substance, or paraphernalia, flammable material, smoking materials, physical contact, spitting on others. Administration and Parent/Guardian must be notified.


Every situation regarding student behavior is unique. These are general guidelines to follow. Each case must be handled on an individual basis. No student will be suspended from a bus without parent notification, and Administrative approval. Documentation is the key to successful bus management; keep good records for each incident, and do not discard them until the end of each school year