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Kevin Cole
Director of Transportation
608-339-3213 x 1004

Bus Information

Kobussen is seeking Bus Drivers!

Kobussen Buses is currently hiring Route Drivers.
Route pay starts at $17.00/hour.  Kobussen provides training for qualified applicants.


  • 21 years old or older with a good driving record and clear criminal record.  A criminal background check is required.
  • Must be flexible and dependable and work well with school age children and the motoring public.

Please visit our office at 477 N. Pierce Street in Adams to fill out an application.  If you have questions, please contact Rick Wellnitz at (608) 339-2411 or via e-mail at

Bus Rules – AFASD 2019-2020 School Year

  1. Elementary students 4K - 2nd grade cannot be dropped off at their primary drop off location unless visible determination is made by the driver that someone is home. If no visible determination is made, the student will be returned to a designated location set by the school district. The only exception to this rule is if we have written permission to drop the student off when no one is home to receive the student. This permission must be submitted in advance to Kobussen Buses Adams terminal.

  2. Students may be required to walk to a bus stop location. K-5th grade students may be required to walk up to one-quarter (¼) mile from their home. 6th–12th grade students may be required to walk up to one-half (½) mile from their home.

  3. Bus routes will not enter private driveways, cul-de-sacs, dead-end roads, and areas that would create an unsafe situation or require the bus to back up with the exception of 4K, EC, and special education buses that are not full length. Notwithstanding #2 above, this may require students to walk further distances between the designated bus stop and the student’s residence.

  4. Under no circumstances shall any student have to cross over a four-lane highway during loading or unloading operations.

  5. Under normal conditions, the maximum amount of time an individual student may be expected to ride the bus to or from their designated stop one way is 80 minutes (1 hour 20 minutes). This time period does not include the time after discharge at the school or the load time after school.

  6. Arrival schedules shall be established so that, under normal conditions, students can expect to be picked up within a 5-minute set time and arrive at school no sooner than 30 minutes before the start of the first class. Furthermore, students can expect to arrive no later than immediately prior to the start of the first class.

  7. Two drop off and pick up addresses are allowed under the following conditions

a. both primary and secondary addresses must be in the same school district as the school the student is attending; and, 

b. both addresses must be submitted to Kobussen Buses Adams terminal in advance of transportation. 

It will be the responsibility of the parents and students to provide scheduling in advance for transportation to different addresses on different days.

  1. If a student does not ride for three (3) consecutive days, the bus will no longer stop until service is re-established. This can be done by calling 608-339-2411 and informing Kobussen Buses Adams terminal of the date bussing will again be needed. 

  2. Please call 608-339-2411 or your driver directly to inform Kobussen of any days the student will not need transportation.


  1. The driver will communicate any permanent changes in routes or scheduling greater than five (5) minutes to families and students before the change is put in to effect. This does not encompass 

day-to-day delays due to road conditions or outside factors.

  1. If a student’s primary address changes during the school year, families must notify the district as soon as possible. Proof of residency will be required for the new address. The address must be changed with the school district before busing can begin. Kobussen has three (3) days to redesign a route to accommodate a change in address in which time self-transportation of the student(s) may be required.


  1. Parent/Guardian Responsibility

The parent/guardian or designee is responsible for the safety of his/her student until the student boards the bus for school and resumes responsibility for the student when he/she gets off the bus on the return trip.

  1. Basic Rules

  1. Students shall only ride on their assigned bus unless they have a school-assigned bus pass.  A parent or guardian may make this request through the office of the student’s school of attendance.

  2. Students shall board and disembark from their designated bus only at their designated stop (unless they present a bus pass to the driver or prior arrangements are made).

  3. Students not authorized/eligible for transportation may not ride the bus. Shuttle buses are the exception to this rule. All students (on first come, first served basis) may ride the in-district shuttles.

  4. 4K–5th grade students with parent and/or school assistance are responsible for boarding the correct school bus. 6th–12th grade students are responsible themselves for boarding the correct school buses.

  5. Be on time at the designated school bus stop. Students should arrive at their stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time in the event the bus is ahead of schedule.

  6. If a student needs to walk to a bus stop location, walk on the side of the street facing traffic while going to and from the bus stop when there is no sidewalk or path.

  7. Stay off the road while waiting for the bus.

  8. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, line up in an orderly single file line, and wait for the driver to indicate that it is safe to board the bus.

  9. Board the bus one student at a time.

  10. Use the handrail and exhibit caution when boarding the bus.

  11. Exhibit appropriate behavior at all times.

  12. Inform the driver or Kobussen Buses Adams terminal, if possible, when a student will be absent from the bus.

  13. Personal items (band instruments, backpacks, and bags) are the student’s responsibility and shall be taken to the student’s bus seat.

  14. Skateboards, bats (sports equipment), scooters, etc., are allowed according to the driver’s discretion. These items are to be left at the front of the bus with the driver and can be collected when exiting the bus. 

  1. While on and exiting the bus student shall:

  1. Obey all rules found in the school board policy, building handbook, school rules, policies, and procedures. The bus is an extension of the school.

  2. Keep all body parts and personal item inside of the bus at all times.

  3. Help keep the bus safe and clean at all times.

  4. Refrain from acts or behaviors that may divert the driver’s attention from driving.

  5. Treat the bus and all equipment with care. Damage to the bus (seats, windows, etc.) and other vandalism shall result in loss of bus privilege, and the offender shall pay for any repair or replacement cost.

  6. Keep books, packages, coats, musical instruments, body parts, and all other articles out of the aisle and away from emergency exits. The aisle must be clear at all times.

  7. Remain in the bus unless directed to do otherwise by the bus driver or police in case of road emergency.

  8. Never throw anything, either inside the bus or out of the bus windows. Throwing items out of the windows of the bus shall result in loss of riding privileges.

  9. No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus. 

  10. Always remain seated, facing forward while the bus is in motion. Standing, sitting on the floor, climbing over or under seats, or walking up and down the aisle are actions strictly prohibited.

  11. Keep quiet while the bus is approaching a railroad crossing.

  12. Obey the bus driver’s instructions at all times. Students are expected to be respectful to the bus driver.

  13. Scuffling, fighting, and using obscene language or making inappropriate hand gestures is strictly forbidden.

  14. No smoking, vaping, alcohol consumption, or possession is allowed on the bus.

  15. Knifes, blades, guns, or any objects that could be considered as a weapon, including toy version, are strictly forbidden.

  16. Students should not tamper with controls or safety equipment of the bus. Offenders will pay for any damages and may lose riding privilege. 

  17. Cell phones and tablets, while allowed on the bus, shall not be used to take pictures or videos of other students.

  18. Speak at a reasonable volume. Students shall refrain from unnecessarily loud talking, yelling, or screaming.

  19. When exiting the bus, immediately step away at least six (6) feet from the bus.

  20. If it is necessary to cross the road after exiting, please follow these safety guidelines:    

a. check to make sure no traffic is approaching;

b. always cross in front of the bus, never behind it;

c.  watch for the driver’s hand signal signifying that it is safe to cross the road; and, 

d. cross at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus.

  1. Help look after the safety of younger siblings and other students.

  2. Be alert to any signal of danger from the driver. 

  3. The driver will only discharge riders at approved stops. Alternative bus stops are not allowed unless authorized by the school in advance.

  1. Cameras on the Bus 

All buses are equipped with audio and video recording systems. The systems run constantly and record both students and drivers the entire time the bus is in operation. Video review of any incidents on the bus is performed only by the Kobussen Buses Adams terminal manager, school officials, and if necessary, police officials.

  1. Student Discipline 

  1. School bus transportation is a privilege, not a right. In an event that a student’s behavior does not conform to the standards established above, the following procedures shall be used:

a.  The driver shall complete a bus conduct report. The report will be reviewed by the Kobussen

      Buses Adams terminal manager, or designee, and forwarded to the student’s school office no

      later than the second school day following the offense.

b. Following receipt of a bus conduct report, the principal, or designee, shall review the report and interview the student. If witnesses are available, they may also be interviewed at the discretion of the principal. The principal or Kobussen Buses Adams terminal manager is responsible for administering warranted discipline.

c.  For the privacy rights of all students, camera footage will only be viewed by the following:  school principals, Kobussen Buses Adams terminal manager, the driver of the route in question, and if necessary, police officials.

  1. Classifications of Unacceptable Behavior

The district has classified unacceptable behavior as either a minor or major violation. Some examples of these are listed below. This does not encompass all behaviors or acts that are unacceptable or may warrant disciplinary action.  Repeat minor violations may result in loss of riding privilege.


  1. Yelling, screaming, or talking unnecessarily loudly.

  2. Use of profane or unacceptable language or hand gestures. This includes electronic communications.

  3. Failure to remain seated or to sit in assigned seat if required by the driver.

  4. Not keeping hands, arms, and legs to oneself or out of the aisle.

  5. Blocking the aisle with bags, any body part, or other items.

  6. Littering or spitting on the bus.

  7. Showing disrespect toward the driver or any other person.

  8. Riding on another route without approval or without a bus pass from the school office.

  9. Throwing items on the bus.

  10. Failure to share seats.

  11. Teasing, name calling, etc. 


  1. Smoking, chewing, vaping, or possessing tobacco related products.

  2. Possessing prescription drugs not prescribed for the student, Illegal drugs, related drug paraphernalia which includes devices used to abuse inhalants and alcoholic beverages.

  3. Vandalizing or damaging bus property (restitution will be required from the offender).

  4. Tampering with bus emergency equipment.

  5. Possession of unsafe or threatening objects.

  6. Bullying, including cyber bullying.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact Kobussen Buses Adams terminal. Kobussen Adams terminal can be reached by phone at 608-339-2411, extension 1, or by email:

Terminal Manager: Rick Wellnitz

Dispatch: Pam Kaehn

Dispatch: Steve Kotlowski

Please also check the Kobussen Buses Adams terminal Twitter account for bus delay information. The account will be updated as often as possible with any weather-related bus delay information. You can also follow us on Twitter @KobussenAdams.