After School Student Supports

 AFHS Student Support Structures!

The AFHS Learning Center will be open until 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday, unless otherwise posted.

The Learning Center is closed after school on Fridays and on dates that the following school day is not in session.

The Learning Center hours after school begin October 1, 2015

AFHS prioritizes student achievement. After School Student Support is a way for our professional educators to provide additional support for students who desire an opportunity to continue to learn and grow outside of the regular school day. The after school structure allows for more individualized attention around specific skills that students wish to hone as they prepare for classroom assessments and standardized tests. AFHS honors students who take extended time to learn and grow!

After School Student Support Informational Flyer

Calendar of After School Student Support Dates (Coming Soon)

Late Bus Transportation is Available to Students

All students attending After School Student Support can receive "free" supper between 4-5:30 PM

AFHS Prioritizes Student Learning!