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We value the role of parents/guardians and family members in the academic success of our students.

Thank you for sharing in the value we hold around our priority of increased student achievement.

We have talented students and we value your influence in their lives and around their academic success.

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Daily Progress Report for Families to Use to Monitor Student Progress

Bullying, Harassment, Conflict, Reporting Procedures and Definitions

Parents Who Host Lose The Most

Don’t be a party to teenage drinking. It’s against the law.

Prom, high school graduation, and summer vacation are approaching in the coming months. These occasions can often become a reason to “party” with alcohol and other drugs. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to join with us in promoting healthy behaviors and safe gatherings. We are confident that you share our concern for the safety and well-being of the youth in our community. We ask your support in the following manner:

1.     DO NOT allow alcohol or other drugs to be present at home parties, in cars or other places teens gather.

2.     DO provide adequate adult supervision at home gatherings

3.     DO encourage family conversation around specific times and places where you teen will be

4.     DO call other parents to double-check the plans and be assured that adults will be present and awake at any post-prom parties. Additionally, ensure with hosting parents that no drugs or alcohol will be allowed. 


We encourage you to discuss these issues with your teen to establish safe ground rules and reinforce positive decision-making. For additional resources about hosting a safe gathering in your home, please view “Fun and Balance” tips from the Addiction Resource Council of Waukesha County at

And remember……It’s not worth it!! Being a “cool parent” could cost you….your home, car, boat, college & retirement savings. Purchase, provide, or pour alcohol for underage drinkers and if they or others are injured or die in an accident they cause or property is damaged, you can be sued! Your homeowners insurance does not cover liability when the activity is illegal.

The laws related to underage drinking are the Wisconsin Social Host Law found in Wisconsin Statute 12.07 and the “Not A Drop” absolute sobriety laws for drivers under 21 in Wisconsin Statute 346.63. For a summary of the laws and penalties visit

Teenagers who experiment with alcohol before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent when they are older than those who wait until age 21. That is why it is critically important to prevent underage drinking. Also, alcohol consumption affects brain development during these formative years. For more information on effects of underage drinking on teen age brain development visit the Speak Up Prevention Coalition information at

Other Parent Resources:

Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Underage Drinking

Guidlines for parents hosting a party, parents of teenagers attending a party and rules for the road

Guidlines for Parents Hosting Parties

AFHS Values Non-Fiction Reading and Writing!

Your student is expected to write in class on a daily basis. He/she should always come prepared to class with a writing utensil and notebook(s). Writing is a way for students to explain their thinking by communicating key facts and personal ideas.

Students are required to take notes in the classroom, which includes "summarization." The systemic strategy AFHS promotes is called the "Cornell" note-taking system. Below are links to review this strategy:

1. Cornell Note Taking Resource:

2. Cornell Note Taking Resource:

9th Grade students are expected to take notes using the Cornell Strategy. Notes are checked every Friday to ensure students are on track with their procedures and thinking.

How can parents/guardians support note taking success?

Ask to see your students notes in each of their five (5) classes. If you have a 9th grade student you should see their notes in the Cornell format (see above) with their individual thinking in the "summarization" section at the bottom of the note sheet and key questions listed in the left hand column.

Thank you for your support in the development of our shared academic strategies!

AFHS Mathematics
College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) is the math program at AFHS. For more information on the CPM program, as well as how to access parent/guardian and 
student resources, please refer to the following brochure. Brochure.pdf

If you have any questions about the math program please contact Mr. David King, School Improvement Team Leader: or call 608-339-3921

College Preparatory Mathematics Website:  

AFHS Technology  

AFHS is committed to a 21st century learning environment that enhances the educational experience of students.

Stop Cyberbullying

Bullying, Harassment, Conflict, Reporting Procedures and Definitions

Technology Resources for Our Families: We are in this together!
The following links can be used to filter internet traffic on a single device, or in some cases, on your entire home network.  All of these links have free options, and many of them offer time restrictions to turn off internet access after a certain time, or turn filtering on and off based on time of day. The first link is tried and true.

While there are some free apps out there, they usually require installation on the student's device manually, and can often be monitored by the parent from a web browser. These will often be device operating system specific too, so one that works for an Android phone won't work on an iPhone, etc. Here are some of the most suggested ones we've found, but we can't guarantee what is/isn't free, versus a paid premium option on some of them:

We are committed to helping our students develop appropriate skills around digital citizenship. Thank you for partnering with us. 
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