High School Assessments

Monitoring Student Achievement

High school assessments are critical tools used to monitor individual student achievement. AFHS prioritizes three purposes for these assessments as outlined in the State of Wisconsin's Balanced Assessment and uses testing results to place students in academic core classes. 

Assessmnt Framework:http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/oea/pdf/bas.pdf


AFHS 2015-16 Testing Schedule



The Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Exam (WKCE) assessment is a summative assessment used by AFHS teachers to monitor individual student achievement and to inform program changes. This assessment is given to all tenth grade students in the fall in science and social studies. This assessment is mandated by the state for federal accountability purposes to ensure schools are meeting the standards set forth by the State of Wisconsin.


The ASPIRE test is a state-mandated test, which is new to our state in 2014-15. All ninth and tenth grade students will be taking this computerized assessment in the fall and spring. This assessment will be used by AFHS teachers to monitor student progress and will be used by the State for school accountability purposes.


The ACT assessment will become a state accountability test in spring 2015. All eleventh grade students will be taking this mandated test. The scores can be used for college admissions and will be used to ensure adequate yearly growth of every student at AFHS. The assessment will be benchmarked with the ASPIRE test so we are able to monitor individual growth for every year of high school.

Testing Information for Families