School Improvement

School Improvement
Adams-Friendship High School

A Learning Community in Action

AFHS will be the highest achieving high school of 500 

students in the State of Wisconsin by 2019! 

(Adopted April 30, 2012)


7-Year AFHS Strategic Plan Strategies and Objectives

2015-16 AFHS School Goal

The links below examine our School Improvement Process:

AFHS School Improvement Process

2015-16 SIT Members

AFHS School Improvement Team

The links below examine our 2013-2015 School Improvement Action Plans

Highlights of Areas of Recent Program Growth

Math Program Improvement Plan

College and Career Readiness Counseling Plan

Align by Design Program Development Plan

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Development Plan

Social Emoational Student Support Systems Program Development Plan



Monitoring Individual Student Progress

AFHS is committed to reviewing individual student progress using the College and Career Readiness System, as outlined by ACT.

College and Career Readiness Benchmarks