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Middle School

Principal: Michelle Johnson x 1301
Asst Principal: Chris Robinson x 1303

420 North Main Street
Adams, WI 53910
Phone: 608-339-4064
FAX: 608-339-2434

Middle School Announcements

The AFMS Mission & Vision

The Adams-Friendship Middle School strives to provide an educational atmosphere and program which celebrates and supports the exciting and unique transition of our students from childhood to adolescence.

Therefore, we are committed to creating a student-centered learning environment that is both challenging and rewarding for students. We believe adolescents need a school setting that will provide them with the opportunities to set goals for themselves and accept greater responsibility for their education. Our curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments are designed to meet the educational needs of each individual student.

The climate of the Adams-Friendship Middle School is one of caring, nurturing, and understanding. Students feel safe and secure. They can take risks without the fear of failure while growing to reach their full intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potentials.

The educational practices and components of the Adams Friendship Middle School are based on current and substantiated research.

2019-20 Bell Schedule

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