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The Adams-Friendship School District believes in promoting a safe, friendly and supportive educational experience for our students.  Our staff, parents and students work together to live up to our mission statement:

 "Preparing students to perform for life."


Effective MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH, we will be extending the school day to make up for hours of instruction lost due to inclement weather.  Here is the plan:


1.  Add 15-17 minutes (depending on the building) to the end of all schools days beginning Monday, February 6th.  This will make up the time we have lost to this point.  

2.  For inclement weather days between now and February 16th, we would make that day(s) up on February 17thMarch 20th, or April 13th (in that order).

3.  For inclement weather days between February 21st and March 17th, we would make that day(s) up March 20th or April 13th (in that order).

4.  For inclement weather days after March 17th, we would add days, April 13thJune 7th, and June 8th (in that order).

If we receive relief from making up time from the state, we will address that at the time we are informed of such relief.

Principals of each building will soon share how this will affect each individual building.

I also have attached the survey data that was used to make this decision.  This decision has been made based on the survey selections that were most preferred by parents and staff.

If you have any questions, please contact your student's building principal or call me at 608-339-3213.

Parent Guardian Inclement Weather Survey.pdf 

Staff Inclement Weather Survey.pdf

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